Maintenance Contracts -

FLM offers service contracts on our products that have installed by FLM Technicians.
Terms for the contract are based on the customers needs. Some examples are -
• State Regulations | • Usage of the System

Replacement Parts -

FLM has an extensive inventory of the standard parts for all the machinery FLM
makes. Specialty parts are available. Please email FLM at - - for
prices and availably.

Specialty Sheet Metal Fabrication -

FLM started as a sheet metal shop and has not forgotten its roots. FLM provides a
wide verity of custom stainless steel, galvanized steel and mild steel sheet metal products -
• Drop Tables | • Sling Cart Round and Square
• Ductwork | • Stands | • Recycling Hoppers
• Sorting Platforms | • Conveyors | • Cart Dumpers
• Light Frames | • Custom Shelving




World class automated systems providing sorting, weighing, classifying and storage; loading of washers with soiled work; and processing of
clean finished goods to the finishing equipment.

These systems have also found wide acceptance in the textile industry, including installations at hosiery, carpet, and blanket plant locations.

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The FLM "Wet Type" Lint Collector is the most widely recognized unit
in the industry. Sizes from 6000 CFM to 39,000 CFM 

We have taken the proven concept of wet type filtration and developed
a new, improved, more maintenance-free lint collector with many features,
all provided at a lower cost than any comparable unit.

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FLM Loading Hoppers and Chutes are especially
designed for each particular installation. Equipment includes both the gravity storage type systems,
and the Air-Loaded type systems.

FLM hoppers and chutes are compatible
with all major washroom equipment.

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FLM Auto Lift Folding Tables allow for
increased productivity. There is no bending by
the operator as the goods are brought up to
the table height for easy reach.

Clean stainless steel folding area with reversing
switch and foot pedal for easy operation.

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Heat exchange systems provide conditioned
outside make-up air for dryers, primarily to
eliminate negative air pressure, reduce
energy consumption, and improve performance.

Fabricated from galvanized steel and
custom designed.

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